Insight Dialogue Testimonials

Michael Barton

My first experience with Insight Dialogue was at Cascadia 2011 and it was revelatory. Practicing meditation in the presence of another meditator (with eyes wide open) opened my heart in a way I’d never experienced in that setting. My second ID retreat was an adventure again. Gregory was (and still is) such a down to earth teacher.

One after another, I am confronted with my fears, my joys, my aversions. I open to another and they open to me. My heart is touched in many ways by the stories, insights that I hear. I feel supported in this space. I feel anger and it is like a dagger in my heart - my sense of self wells up. I connect another’s story with my story and feel tears. Gregory emphasizes over and over the sensitivity of this human organism, and how we are designed for this kind of interaction.

Bart van Melik

What would it be like to have a meditative practice leading to freedom while interacting with other people? A liberative practice inviting us to see things as they are – together? This is what Insight Dialogue invites us to: meditating and interacting with other human beings. By using skillful guidelines we can bear witness to both blissful and painful experiences while being with others.

This relational Buddhist practice has given me opportunities to experience deep insights into the nature of suffering and it’s release – both on a personal and a relational level. Every time I practice Insight Dialogue I am amazed by how quickly the mind becomes calm and concentrated. It is very rare to be able to be mindful with such continuity while talking and listening.

Insight Dialogue takes the Buddha’s advice on the importance of community to heart. This practice can only be done through the support of fellow yogis and the guidance of a teacher. Through Insight Dialogue I’ve come to understand the importance having spiritual friends on this path to freedom.

Susan Clarion

Insight dialogue, on retreat or on-line using skype, has made the dharma come alive, in my experience, again and again. It is this relational practice, with support of the ID guidelines, that has illuminated for me, the deepest hungers and offered many moments of ease and letting go of suffering. I remember saying to a teacher once, after many years of solo and silent meditation only, that "it is so much harder to remain present in relationship". ID has shown me something surprising and wonderful, that relational meditation practice, and relationship, can energize the unfolding of wisdom, compassion, and awakening.