Cascadia Retreat is held each year at Samish Island Campground (11633 Scott Rd., Bow, WA 98232) in the heart of Skagit Valley. Samish Island Camp is located 75 miles south of Vancouver, BC or 80 miles north of Seattle, WA and about 5 miles west of Interstate I-5. It is easily accessible by car. There is no public transportation directly serving the retreat site.

For travelers flying to the retreat, please fly into Seattle Tacoma Airport. It is the most convenient airport. If you are requesting a seat on the shuttle, please choose a flight that arrives before 1 pm. If a shuttle is arranged, it will leave at 1:30 pm. For travelers flying out of Seattle Tacoma Airport and requesting a seat on the shuttle, if you would like to arrive at the airport two hours prior to departure, choose a flight no earlier than 4 pm on May 15. The drive to Seatac Airport takes at least 1.5 hours in normal traffic.

If at least 8-10 retreatants plan to arrive from SeaTac on May 8 or to leave from SeaTac on May 15, the Cascadia Retreat Team will arrange for a shuttle to take them directly from the airport to the retreat or from retreat to the airport. Exact departure time to or from Camp Samish will be set to best accommodate everyone's flight schedules; however, the latest that the shuttle will leave SeaTac on May 8 to the retreat is 1:30 pm and the earliest it will leave the retreat for the airport on May 15 is 1:00pm. The cost of the shuttle divided among passengers will be approximately $50 (includes gratuity) each way for 10 passengers.

If the shuttle is not available, please see below for transportation options.


For those who wish to carpool, either to offer or to ask for rides, please indicate carpool availability and transportation needs on the registration form. Because retreatants need to bring their own bedding and meditation cushions, please allow adequate space in your vehicle for these items when considering how many passengers you can take. Two to three weeks prior to retreat, the carpooling coordinator will facilitate rides.

From/to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

If you are flying to the Cascadia Retreat, arrive at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SeaTac) and then take the Bellair Airporter Shuttle to the Burlington depot. Bellair is a well-run private Airporter Shuttle that travels between Seattle-Tacoma and the Bellingham airports. Please ask to be dropped off at the Burlington depot.

Our carpooling coordinators will help facilitate rides to the retreat from the Burlington depot. Be sure to let the retreat organizers know if you plan to use the Burlington depot either coming to or leaving from the retreat. We will need to be informed of your pick-up or drop-off time.

Trip time from Seattle-Tacoma airport to Burlington is 2 hrs. It is another 20-minute drive from the Burlington depot to the retreat at Samish Island Camp.

Bellair Airporter (866) 235-5247

NOTE: Flying into Bellingham and taking the Bellair Airporter Shuttle to the Burlington depot is not any faster than flying into SeaTac. This is because flights usually go into Sea-Tac and then transfer to Bellingham; it is thus more costly and also incurs additional waiting time at SeaTac to catch another flight.

Please contact if you need more assistance.

From Ferry Terminal in Anacortes, WA

There is a bus that runs from the San Juan Ferry Terminal in Anacortes to the Burlington Depot. This is about a 45 minute trip. [See section above for information on how to get to the retreat from Burlington.]

Bellair Airporter (866) 235-524


Mert's Taxi - out of Anacortes

(360) 293-0201

A Better Cab - out of Burlington

(360) 755-9262