A Documentary Film on Insight Dialogue and Its Founding Teacher

The 2019 Cascadia Retreat participants have a unique opportunity to support the first filming of an Insight Dialogue residential retreat. The documentary film will capture Gregory, the founding teacher of Insight Dialogue, co-teaching at a full retreat setting that is profoundly conducive to deep practice. The film will also include interviews of Gregory at his home on Orcas Island following the retreat.

The documentary will be filmed by an award-winning documentary filmmaker from Italy – Giovanni Giommi. He is the brother of Insight Dialogue teacher, Fabio Giommi, and brings appreciation and understanding of the gift of Insight Dialogue as a relational meditation practice. Gregory has observed Giovanni in action and is impressed with the discrete and quiet presence Giovanni brings to his filming as well as his background and credentials.

Giovanni Giommi is a member of the Accademia del Cinemia Italiano and the European Film Academy (EFA) and has received prestigious awards for his documentary, Bad Weather. If you are interested, you may view trailers to two of his documentaries:

BAD WEATHERhttps://vimeo.com/35867390

SLOW FOOD STORY” (d.o.p) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iyjpck1j880

We hope that the finished product will provide a glimpse and felt sense of Insight Dialogue as a live process taught by its founding teacher. While the focus of the filming will be Gregory's teaching, it will also include retreatants engaged in relational practice.

Every effort will be made to extend ease and respect to those participating. We hope many retreatants will generously step into these conditions as a way to expand and deepen their practice, and as a way to give to others and future generations.

Please know that any person attending this retreat can choose NOT to be filmed. Arrangements will be made such that those choosing NOT to be filmed will be able to do so easily and at any time. More details will be offered during the registration process.

Finally, it might be helpful for those considering attending Cascadia to know that the filming opportunity at the Cascadia Retreat has been embraced by our three retreat teachers, the Cascadia Coordinating Team, and the Guiding Sangha of Metta Programs. Mary Burns, a guiding teacher on the Caascadia teaching team, reflects: “Clearly having a way to convey some of the experience of an Insight Dialogue retreat to others, as well as a film of Gregory while he is actually teaching, is a gift, rich in possibility.”