9th Annual Cascadia Insight Dialogue Retreat

with Gregory Kramer, Tuere Sala and Nicola Redfern

May 18 - 25, 2019


Samish Island Camp, Bow, WA. USA


After April 18 $630 (USD)

The registration fee covers 7 nights accommodations and 21 meals.

Our teachers do not receive payment. We invite participants to offer dana (freewill donation) to the teachers at the end of the retreat to support the teachings.

Scholarships are need-based.

• Partial scholarships are on a first-come-first-served basis.

• Scholarships are available to support the participation of practitioners-of-color.

• Canadian practitioners may request a discount to offset extreme currency discrepancy.

See registration information for details.




Refuge in the Fire

The fires of the world have been very hot. There is injustice, anger, and a degradation of dignity and truth. Yet this is the world in which we live.

  • How do we find refuge in meditation and Dhamma without shutting out the pain of the world?
  • How often do we create more suffering trying to save ourselves from suffering?

Such are the questions that intertwine in the context of a commitment to liberating the mind while living with the social injustice of today's society and engaging in meaningful action in the world. Our practice encourages us to open our hearts and yet the suffering of the world can sometimes seem unbearable. Without solid refuge, we can easily get lost.

In this year's retreat, we will investigate the personal, interpersonal, and social dimensions of ignorance that fuel both our own suffering and the suffering in the world. We will be developing mindfulness and gathered attention as refuge. Together we will contemplate the teachings and mind states that nurture and strengthen us. Through an attentive weaving of meditative dialogue, silent meditation, and time in nature we will deepen the essential meditative qualities that support inquiry into this shared human experience.

2/25/19 Update: There is an extraordinary opportunity to film Gregory Kramer and the practice of Insight Dialogue at this retreat. Learn more: Insight Dialogue Documentary Filming

Joseph Goldstein: Insight Dialogue: The Interpersonal Path to Freedom by Gregory Kramer “...breaks new ground in applying the Buddha’s teachings to our lives, relationships, and meditative understandings [...and is] of tremendous benefit to all those seeking freedom in their daily lives.”